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ANTACO BINH DUONG Container homes International specializes in the design and manufacture of portable steel container buildings.
At ANTACO BINH DUONG Container homes, we realize the importance of offering the customer high quality products that fit each company’s specific requirements.
All work is performed in-house, including fabrication, blasting painting, electrical, and finishing.
Over 3 years of great service…

With the completion of the largest container village of the world, we have set new standards in quality, speed and design in the modular industry. While many companies offer nowadays modified container homes, only a few are really capable to deliver a complete project with all the design services and calculations required to meet international building standards. ANTACO BINH DUONG container house designs can be used in all climate zones and their storm proof and simple set up make them suitable, for both short term temporary use and for permanent structures in residential and hotel markets.

This website shows a number of our (completed) projects, demonstrating the different applications of the system.

The modular approach is no doubt the future in the construction industry. Faster, higher quality, more flexibility and lower construction cost are the key advantages of this concept. If needed, the modules can be transported worldwide, since they match with standard ISO sized Speed is the name of the game in the construction industry and this is why we call the company ANTACO BINH DUONG container house: Tempo is from the Latin ‘tempus’ means ‘time’. Most of our project are for permanent use, but the modular design also allows easy relocation of an entire building, when necessary.

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