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Future Steel Buildings – tương lai của nhà thép tiền chế

Future Steel Buildings, Weld Up Versus Bolt Down Designs

Future steel buildings are the way to go for additional storage, a garage, boat shed, and many other out building uses. Once the decision is made to purchase a steel building, then determinations must be made on the type of design we want to use. The biggest debate, other then size, is often if we need to go with a weld up style, or a bolt up metal building.

The argument varies between fans of each style. It has been said that weld up designs get shaky in high winds. However, it is also said that the bolt up styles can eventually vibrate loose as well. One may just occur more quickly than the other. Believe it or not, this argument has been going on for decades, though the craftsmanship on the buildings has changed drastically over the years.

Weld Up steel buildings are often put together on site, with the frames bought locally, and made from stell pipes. Each piece must be accurately measured and cut before it can be welded. After accuracy is assured, it is then welded into place. This process includes any braces or trusses utilized.

When it comes to the Bolt up steel buildings, these are designed by professional engineers. The plans are drafted on an individual basis according to local requirements and building codes. These vary according to location. These pre fab buildings are created by trained welders and fabricators to make sure each and every rafter, purlin, girt and column are punched, marked and cut to specification, then welded. When our building arrives, it includes a ready to assemble framing package, complete with steel bolts of superior strength.

The weld up styles may have a lower initial cost on materials, but the speed with which a bolt up can be assembled is sometimes worth the additional fees. The simple design saves time and energy, and the simple assembly can easily save money in the long term.

Perhaps the most important thing about getting a future steel building is choosing the one that is right for us. It is important to determine if we need our building swiftly, or if we want someone else to do the assembly. We can then decide between bolt styles more easily.

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