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Hi-Tech Steel Buildings Designs

Hi-Tech Steel take away the headache of designing your building and will even support you through the planning process if required.

As a fully licensed CSB distributer for Northern and Southern Ireland, our own unique software will give you an insight into how your building will look prior to ordering it giving you additional piece of mind. We can supply full design drawings and detailed structural calculations for submission to planning / building control.

Hi-Tech steel structures are built using extremely strong high tensile steel combined with portal frame methodology. Buildings are constructed in bays and are joined together by attaching purlins and rails horizontally between the sections. Purlins are normally of a z section or top hat section design.

Buildings constructed from the cold-formed steel Portal Frame method have many advantages over the more traditional hot rolled steel buildings. With a cold-formed Portal Frame the first advantage is cost. This is due to the fact that cold-formed steel technology utilises significantly less steel than hot rolled steel sections.

With cold-formed steel there is no need for welding as the joints are bracketed and bolted together and delivered direct to site from the factory already marked, cut to length and holes punched.
Reduced transportation costs are also achieved due to efficient stacking of the steel sections and cladding sheets. Our buildings require no painting as all of the structure is pre-galvanised giving the inside of your building a clean, almost clinical feel.

As a matter of principle Hi-Tech steel buildings will not compromise on strength. Our structures are engineered site specific to comply with the mandatory building codes and regulations.

All our galvanised cold rolled steel and cladding products meet the requirements of the CE marking which became mandatory for many construction products in the UK & Ireland from 1st July 2013.

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